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Lain's picks for 6/12/2020

First, a hearty welcome to any and all audio gourmands tasting audiobiscuit for the first time! audiobiscuit is a tool I've always wanted in my life but never able to quite find: something that would show me new music from basically anywhere. I still have fond memories of the International Music Feed channel taking me on musical journeys every day before school.

audiobiscuit is still under construction but is already achieving my goals admirably. Subreddits dedicated to sharing music like /r/listentothis have years of recommendations that this site draws upon through the reddit API to present back to you. It's a great start towards my dream of being able to explore every single piece of music ever recorded, ever. A lofty goal I'll admit, but I'm sure you can understand the appeal.

Anyway---besides working on audiobiscuit, I use it myself every day to find new music I enjoy and I figure posting a selection of my favorites every week would be fun. I'm aiming to put up a new post of selections every week around every Friday in this column.

With all that said we'll kick things off with play_arrow "Mametchi / Usohachi (feat. Mr Yote)" (2015) by Iglooghost. A track from his EP Chinese NĂ¼ Yr, it's hard to pull yourself away from the collection of unique and playful sounds put together here. I lack the musical nomenclature to really describe what's happening in this and other songs on the EP, but it's certainly not something to be ignored.

My second pick and final one for today will be play_arrow "Weather" (2019) by Ginger Root. Very Vulfpeck-esque especially with regards to the synthesizer melody, the artist's music is accurately self-described as "Aggressive Elevator Soul" and quite pleasant.

That's all for this week! More improvements to audiobiscuit and song selections are on the way, and I'll have another post for you soon enough!

Keep those audio holes open,